eData Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS) is a service offered under SILC

eDRIS aims to support researchers and policy analysts by advising which administrative datasets are available, their data controllers and locations, strengths and weakness (in terms of content and data quality) and the processes required to gain access.

The eDRIS team also provide an analytic and interpretive service when this is required by customers. The eDRIS team ensure that access to national data resources are only provided after ethical and data controller permissions are in place, the researcher has achieved ‘approved researchers’ status, and outputs from analyses are only released from the safe haven after disclosure control procedures have been undertaken.

A single eDRIS team supports both the Farr Institute, Scotland, ADRC-Scotland and Urban Big Data Centre and is located at the SILC building in Edinburgh. This team also answers customer enquiries and advises external researchers interested in using the SILC facilities.