SILC Partners

SILC is intended to be a dynamic collaboration that will grow through welcoming additional partners as it develops. Our current partners are:

Health Research:  Farr Institute, Scotland

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has funded a virtual institute to undertake health informatics research across the UK. This is known as the Farr Institute. There are four lead institutions (UCL, University of Manchester, Swansea University and University of Dundee), however each of these institutions are working in collaboration with a variety of other partner organisations. In Scotland, the Farr partner organisations are the universities of Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Aberdeen, St Andrews, and NHS, plus National Research Scotland regional nodes.

The Farr Institute comprises physical infrastructure (offices), computing resources, and funded research projects. The Farr Institute, Scotland is made up of a distributed network of resources and research projects across the partner organisations, and two centres, one in Dundee’s Ninewells campus and one at the SILC building in Edinburgh.

Social Research: Administrative Data Research Centres

Administrative Data Research Centres (ADRCs) work across the UK to undertake social scientific research using administrative data. In a similar way to the Farr Institute, these involve collaboration between multiple partners within each region. The University of Essex provides an Administrative Data Service which seeks to provide coordination across the ADRCs and a central focal point for data controllers and potential users of administrative data.

The Scottish ADRC partners are the universities of Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen, Heriot-Watt, the National University of Australia, National Records Scotland, and NHS National Services Scotland. The Scottish ADRC administrative centre and safe data access points are located at the SILC building in Edinburgh.

Urban Big Data Centre

The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) was established by the UK Economic and Social Research Council to address social, economic and environmental challenges facing cities.

The UBDC brings together interdisciplinary expertise of urban social scientists and data scientists from the University of Glasgow and six partner universities of Edinburgh, Bristol, Cambridge, Reading, Sheffield and Illinois-Chicago to seek solutions in addressing such challenges.

It supports strategies for urban planning and policy-making, business innovations, behavioural interventions for sustainable and engaged urban living, and advocacy and citizen participation relating to a wide spectrum of urban sectors such as economic development, transport, housing, education, environment and other areas.